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Centrifugal Chillers

High efficiency centrifugal chiller
High efficiency inverter-controlled centrifugal chiller
Other centrifugal chillers

• Brine centrifugal chiller
• Heat recovery type centrifugal chiller
• Twin module type centrifugal chiller

Absorption chillers

Gas ・ Kerosene ・Bunker A-fired
• Small-scale absorption chiller-heater [Koala/Koala Pack]
• High efficiency small-scale absorption chiller-heater [Koala]
• Absorption chiller-heater
• Smart Koala
• Enhanced efficiency absorption chiller-heater
• Energy-saving natural cooler
• Double-effect steam absorption chiller
• Enhanced efficiency absorption chiller

Energy efficiency

Gas ・ Steam-fired
• Gas-fired generic [Waste heat recovery type]
• Steam-fired generic [Waste heat recovery type]
Gas ・ Kerosene ・Bunker A-fired ・ Steam-fired
• Generic [Standard type]
• Single-effect low-temperature water absorption chiller
• Water-lithium bromide low-temperature absorption chiller
— Generic mini
— Hot water ・ Steam generic
• 2 hot water recovery generic
• Exhaust gas ・ hot water injection type gas absorption chiller-heater
Utilizing unused energy
• Absorption heat pump

Large-Scale HVAC System Products

Wide range of energy efficient large-scale heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems catering to all needs from industrial to general air conditioners