High Efficiency Centrifugal Chillers

Hitachi High Efficiency Centrifugal Chillers realize world top-level high efficiency and downsizing thanks to the advanced technologies to optimize the design of compressors and heat-exchangers.
Several series of product lineup and flexible model selection satisfy huge variety of customers' demand such as energy saving, space saving, etc. In addition, Hitachi's unique technologies accumulated through over 80-year history ensure long term stable operation.

High Efficiency Inverter-controlled Centrifugal Chillers

Hitachi High Efficiency Inverter-controlled Centrifugal Chillers realize energy-saving operation through out the year utilizing variable motor speed control with inverter unit, drastically improving partial load efficiency under low cooling water temperature condition in off-peak seasons.
In addition, the chillers have many unique energy saving functions which satisfy the customers's demand to minimize the energy consumption.

Other centrifugal chillers

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