Mid-Career RecruitmentApplication

Senior manager, Global RAC/PAC, Project Management


Tokyo Head Quarter

Responsibility Level

Successfully Lead and Manage Global Residential Air Conditioning (RAC) and Global Package Air Conditioning (PAC) projects as Central Project Management.

The major aspects of the role are:
– Project and initiative execution
– Product Development Process (D3) implementation 
– Measurement and goal achievement of project KPIs
– Role model of Project Management excellence

As Senior Project Management leader, this individual is expected to lead project members that drive detailed project planning, engineering integration, procurement and manufacturing integration, finance integration, and robust marketing and sales launch plans and execution for product development projects and for various product development initiatives. You will be also expected to provide measurable input or develops new processes or standards in support of the organizations business or functional short-term strategies, with a direct impact on the business/function overall results.

You should be well versed in large scale project management disciplines/ processes/ tools, capable of grasping how the company value chain works, have ability to think and act both locally and globally, and is both hands-on in terms of guiding their team with respect to addressing tactical execution issues relative to keeping projects on track and also a strategic mentor that can provide the vision, and insights to play a role in helping to develop the overall NPI project management and product development team to achieve industry leading products and growth.

Principl Duties
  1. Work collaboratively with Product Management team and draw up business plans involving global needs.
  2. Lead the execution of project(s) (grasping the situation and mapping out plans) necessary for product development based upon the business plans. 
  3. Monitor and make sure of progress of the project(s) and evaluate it with KPIs on a constant basis and give feedbacks to relevant people.
  4. Hold review meetings for your project(s) periodically and report to relevant executives.
  5. Introduce product development process management in collaboration with other departments.
  6. Establish and deploy the project management playbook and educate team based on it to develop project management team capability, especially to ensure their understandings of how to behave as project manager and act on it.
  7. Provide necessary internal trainings or coaching for introducing project management methods, tools and KPIs.
  8. Share best practices in the projects with companies involved and business units for improvement.
  • Deep understanding and passion for product development operations of the company and its parent company, Johnson Controls, Inc.
  • Ability to structure work, manage projects, ideate and run processes/tools
  • Logical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Analytical skills, particularly but not limited to financial literacy
  • Good people leadership skills and ability to lead, coach, and engage cross functional, locational, and cultural teams and build a good relationship
  • Structured communication skills – ability to synthesize and communicate executive level messages, and ability to engage senior leadership and working level leaders
  • Executive presence with ability to listen, collaborate, influence leaders across organization
  • Financial & Controlling skills
  • Fluent in English
  • Commitment to excellence



  • 8+ years of cumulative experience relative to engineering and product development project management in automotive, industrial goods, or consumer durables manufacturing
  • Operational track record of product development project management excellence especially including management of multi-location, multi-cultural project management teams
  • Demonstrated experience and success developing project management skills and disciplines with relatively inexperienced team members and organizations
  • Expert with respect with project management approaches, processes and tools



  • Bachelor’s degree
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