Mid-Career RecruitmentApplication

Chief Engineer, Software Architect


Tokyo Head Quarter

Principl Duties
  • Driving definition and unification of control software architecture for air conditioning, refrigeration, and chiller equipment and their controllers.
  • Establish the maintenance and operation rules for the above architecture.
  • Driving MBD initiative and clarify the relationship with new architecture.
  • Driving MBD alignment between related departments.
  • Driving process and design standardization for MBD and new architecture.
  • Create a roadmap application plan of the new architecture in cooperation with Product management team.


  • Has experience in embedded software and control systems development
  • Has experience in software architecture design and communalization.
  • Experience in model-based development using MATLAB/Simulink.
  • 5+ years should be in collaborating multicultural and multi-disciplined teams.


  • Have abundant knowledge in the following fields related to software development.
    • Model based development
    • Software architecture
    • Refactoring and platforming, communalization
  • The following knowledge related to engineering work is a plus
    • Knowledgeable of software development lifecycle, project implementation methodologies such as DevOps / Agile etc.
    • Knowledge in thermodynamics, energy and HVAC system.
    • has basic commercial/financial understanding.
  • Ability to carry out tasks
    • Be able to learn new technologies, techniques, processes, languages, platforms, and systems proactively.
    • Has strong result-oriented mindset and can carry out tasks with focusing on deliverables any time.
    • Be able to analyze facts objectively and derive measures logically.
    • Has abilities to apply principles, theories, and concepts to practical applications.
  • Presentation and communication skills
    • has good presentation skills including creating an understandable and structured slide materials.
    • has good written and verbal communication skill both in English and Japanese.
  • Management skills
    • has good communication skills and be able to establish good relationship with stakeholders.
    • Be able to apply leadership instruments and have experience leading an interdisciplinary and intercultural project team. Or have the intention to be involved in the future.
    • Can enjoy mentoring, training, and coaching other members of the team 


      • Master’s degree, bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the field of electricity, electronics, or information, and at least 10 years of practical experience in embedded software development.
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