Mid-Career RecruitmentApplication

Refrigerant Cycle Engineer, VRF Refrigerant Cycle


Shimizu / 清水事業所

Responsibility Level


To create “A safe, comfortable, and sustainable world” and life for customers, you will be responsible for the design and development of the next Gen VRF. You will engage in the overall product development process of the VRF product and build the refrigeration cycle. You will have the opportunity to work and collaborate with diverse colleagues overseas as you will develop a global platform of the products that are sold not only in Japan market but also in the international markets.  We really welcome those who have a passion for work and for growing the HVAC industry together with us.

Principl Duties
  • 商品企画部門より提示された要求仕様を満たすよう、サイクルシミュレーターを用いて現行製品・部品の仕様と要求仕様の差を分析し、当該シミュレーション結果をもとに主要部品等の仕様を決定する。(Analyze the gaps between the specifications of current products/components and the required specifications using a cycle simulator to satisfy the required specifications in the product vision.   Determine the specifications of key components based on the simulation results.)
  • 決定した仕様を構造設計者に共有し、構造設計者と要求仕様に満たす部品や試作機検討方法等について調整・合意する。(Discuss and agree on the components/parts that meet the required specifications and the method of examining prototypes.)
  • 図面製作担当者が製作した図面が決定した仕様に基づいているかを確認し、承認する。(Check and approve the drawings created by the drafter to ensure that they are in accordance with the determined specifications.)
  • 試作機を用いた試験において、試験環境を設定し、開発評価部門に試験を依頼する。(In the prototype testing, determine the test environment and request testing from the evaluation department.)
  • 試験結果をもとに、シミュレーション結果と性能に乖離がないこと、および信頼性・安全性を担保するための基準値を超えていないかを確認する。(Based on the test results, confirm that there is no discrepancy between the simulation results and the actual performance and that the performance does not exceed the standard values to ensure reliability and safety.)
  • 問題があった場合、動特性シミュレータを使って分析し、問題を特定し、部品やサイクル制御の変更等を行う。(If there is a problem, analyze and identify the cause using a dynamic simulator, and make changes to parts, cycle controls, etc.)


  • 冷凍サイクル制御の設計経験。(Experience of the development of Refrigerant Cycle Control.)
  • 冷凍サイクルに関する基礎知識。(Basic/fundamental knowledge about the refrigeration cycle)
  • 空調システムの設計/開発など、実務経験。(Practical experience development of PAC/VRF)
  • 冷凍サイクルシミュレーターを使った設計経験。(Design experience by using the refrigeration cycle simulator)
  • 大学卒業以上 (Bachelor’s Degree and above)
  • コミュニケーション能力、チームワーク。(Good communication ability and teamwork.)


  • モデルベース開発(MBD)の経験。またはMBDを用いて空調機器を設計した経験。(Model-Based-Development (MBD) knowledge/experience. Or the experience of designing air-conditioning equipment using MBD.)
  • ご自身が開発に携わった製品を市場に発売した経験。(Experience in bringing to market products that they have been involved in developing.)
  • 英語スキル:TOEIC500以上。(English skill: TOEIC500 or higher.)
  • 国外のエンジニアと協働した経験。(Working experience with engineers overseas.)
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