• High Efficiency Centrifugal Chillers

High Efficiency Centrifugal Chillers

Hitachi High Efficiency Centrifugal Chillers realize world top-level high efficiency and downsizing thanks to the advanced technologies to optimize the design of compressors and heat-exchangers. Several series of product lineup and flexible model selection satisfy huge variety of customers’ demand such as energy saving, space saving, etc. In addition, Hitachi’s unique technologies accumulated through over 80-year history ensure long term stable operation.


Features of Hitachi High Efficiency Centrifugal Chiller

Excellent Energy-Saving Effect and Global Warming Prevention

First class efficiency greatly contributes energy saving of users and reduction of CO2 emission

2-stage Centrifugal Chiller Cycle

Compact Design

Significantly compact and light weight design enables space saving and easy replacement.Newly developed economizer realized significant downsizing of chiller unit

New Type Economizer

Newly developed economizer realized significant downsizing of chiller unit

Easy Operation with Touch Panel Type Control Panel

  • Featuring 10.4 inch color touch panel screen
  • Monitor and store various operation data, trend data, failure information, etc.
  • Show handling guide in case of failure
  • Multilingual languages indication (English, Japanese, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, etc.)
  • Download 3-month operation data to USB memory
  • Automatic restart function after instantaneous power failure (Option)
  • Compatible with BMS through MODBUS communication.

High Reliability

Hitachi’s unique technologies based on 80-year experience enhance high reliability and long term stable operation

  • Continuous stable operation even with high condenser pressure due to high ambient temperature and/or fouling of tubes, etc.
  • No-surge operation under high cooling water temperature and low cooling load adopting strict criteria specified in JIS conditions.
  • Key-free impeller coupling system
  • Accurate chilled water temperature control within ±0.2 °C
  • Low noise and longer bearing life due to lower rotation speed of 2-stage compression cycle.
  • Continuous oil recovery with automatic refrigerant cleaner
  • Prevention of oil degradation by removing residual water with filter dryer

Ozone-safe HFC134a Refrigerant