• Steam-fired GeneLink

Steam-fired GeneLink

Enhanced waste heat recovery type steam-fired Gene-Link (EXJE series)

*1 Large chilled water temperature differential (catalogue standard specification)

422〜3,516kW (120〜1,000USRT) [Steam-fired]


Increasing the amount of the waste hot water recovered from the cogeneration system comparing with the conventional model, this unit reduces the amount of steam consumed by 30%.
Moreover, the chiller can be operated with wasted hot water only under low load condition (approx. 50% or lower).

  • Use of hot water-heated solar heat
    In addition to the waste hot water of co-generation systems, solar heat application can also be used.
*1 Only in case when all heating demand can be covered by wasted hot water.
*2 Fuel consumption reduction rate during waste heat recovery heating mode varies from one model to another.

Gas consumption

The input of waste hot water, reduces steam consumption by approx. 30% during rated cooling operations. Moreover, under low-load (below 50%) conditions, chiller can be operated by waste hot water only.

Amounts of waste hot water recovered

During partial load operations, priority is given to the use of waste hot water so the volume of steam consumed can be significantly reduced.


■ Chilled water temperature 15 -7 ℃, Cooling water temperature 32-37℃, Steam inlet pressure 0.78 Mpa(G), Waste hot water temperature 90-80℃ 3.6 kg/h・RT steam consumption rate (while waste hot water is not used)

Cooling capacity kW 422 738 949 1,407 1,758
USRT 120 210 270 400 500
Cooling capacity
(Waste hot water-only operations)
kW 211 369 475 703 879
USRT 60 105 135 200 250
% 50
Steam reduction rate
(During rated cooling operations)
% 30
Cooling capacity kW 2,110 2,461 2,813 3,165 3,516
USRT 600 700 800 900 1,000
Cooling capacity
(Waste hot water-only operations)
kW 1,055 1,231 1,407 1,582 1,758
USRT 300 350 400 450 500
% 50
Steam reduction rate
(During rated cooling operations)
% 30