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Design panel “Silent-Iconic” and Hitachi room air conditioner “Shirokumakun” W Series awarded 2020 Good Design Award

  • Oct. 01, 2020
  • Commercial Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Japan

October 1, 2020 | Written by Hitachi-Johnson Controls Air Conditioning Communication Staff


On October 1, The Japan Institute of Design Promotion revealed the winners of the 2020 Good Design Award winners. Our design panel “Silent-Iconic” and Hitachi room air conditioner “Shirokumakun” W Series for the Japan market won the award.  Our engineers jointly designed and developed these products with Hitachi, Inc.

Our award-winning design panel “Silent-Iconic” is an optional panel for the commercial air conditioner indoor unit 4-way Cassette type. This unobtrusive design of panel naturally blends into architecture. For Silent-Iconic, we pursued a noiseless design approaching a duct type while ensuring the cost advantage of the cassette type, ease of installation work, and good performance. Each of four-way vents is shown as a square slit so that they less disturb the harmony with the space visually. In addition, the central air drawing port is covered with a slit-like port. The Silent-Iconic realizes architectural design that matches the ceiling.

The goal of designing the award-winning Hitachi room air conditioner “Shirokumakun” W series was implementation of the cleaning function and compact look and feel to better respond to installation environment under many restrictions. For realizing the form with less feeling of pressure even if it is installed in a small living room space, we reviewed the internal structure layout. The W series provides more installation possibilities to smaller residential room spaces. It also comes with the outstanding cleaning features including heat exchanger auto cleaning feature called “Frost Wash“ and auto fan cleaning feature called “Fan Robo.”

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