SustainabilityContribution to the environment

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning is dedicated to various activities aimed at protecting the natural environment. In addition to developing energy-efficient and eco-friendly products, our family of companies and employees proactively work on volunteer activity programs.

Initiatives on environmental protection and improvement

Apr. 21, 2018JapanVolunteers from the Tochigi factory participated in cleanup operations at the local Watarase Reservoir as an initiative of ‘Blue Sky Involve," the volunteer program of the Johnson Controls group. Our employees took part with their families, numbering more than 100 people in total, the most among all organizations participating in the cleanup operation.
Mar. 18, 2018TaiwanMany employees from Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning Taiwan Co., Ltd. gathered with their family members at the beach near the Pushin Creek estuary in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Participants collected a total of 970 kilograms of trash and 1,690 kilograms of recyclable garbage together with distributors, community volunteers and their family members.
Jun. 08, 2017JapanShimizu Factory and Hitachi Kucho SE were respectively presented by the Shizuoka Fluorocarbon Recovery Association with the Special Award and the Member's Award at the association's regular general meeting held at Grandair Bouquet Tokai. We received the awards in recognition of our excellent contribution to the protection of the global environment and the association's activities.
Jun. 05, 2017JapanTo coincide with the Environment Month of June, the Shimizu Factory participated in various events, including: collecting illegally dumped waste (470 kg of waste was collected) and cleaning the Mihomasaki Beach.
Dec. 05, 2016JapanWe received the Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activities 2016 by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan for developing FLEXMULTI air-cooled multi-split air conditioning system for buildings (high efficiency type), which reduces CO2 emissions with leading energy-saving technology.
Oct. 06, 2016IndiaJohnson Controls and Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd. jointly participated in The Indian Green Building Council’s flagship event “Green Building Congress 2016” in Mumbai. Our booth attracted around 5,000 visitors during the 3-day event.
Mar. 20, 2016TaiwanMore than 200 employees and family members from Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning Taiwan Co., Ltd. joined the tree planting activity in Gong Wu Park, Hukou Township, Hsinchu County. We started this activity in 2009, and we have planted thousands of trees since, in the hope of making the planet green and protecting our environment from global warming.
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