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Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning Launches air365 Max Cost Efficient HVAC Solution for Professionals, Architects, and Buildings Owners

  • Jan. 19, 2023
  • Commercial Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
  • India and Asia


*Image for illustration purposes only. Appearance of the actual product is different by region.

Tokyo, Japan (January 19, 2023)– Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan) announces the release of the air365 Max designed with seamless comfort, energy efficiency, and easily workable features. The air365 Max is an end-to-end solution for HVAC professionals, architects, and building owners, and some models will be available in South East Asia, Latin America and Middle East in January, and later becoming available in Australia/New Zealand, Europe, North America and other countries/regions.

Built with best-in-class efficiency up to an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 5.60*1, the air365 Max offers efficient energy consumption by Hitachi’s original SmoothDrive 2.0 technology which helps reduce running costs during part-load operation which also leads to reduced CO2 emissions. In addition, air365 Max requires 12%*2 less refrigerant compared to the conventional Hitachi VRF.

The air365 Max with wider operation temperature range provides seamless comfort for building occupants by solving problems such as unstable temperatures, cold/hot air drafts, room temperature seasonal changes, and more. Users can expect constant regulated indoor temperature through the SmoothDrive 2.0 technology allowing for precise temperature monitoring.

This outdoor unit (ODU) has a NFC touching point on the ODU surface. With Hitachi’s hardware and smart app features working together, HVAC professionals, architects, and building owners can see the air365 Max as a complete solution saving time and money at every stage from design to maintenance. The air365 Max can be easily operated with the airCloud Pro and easily installed and maintained with airCloud Tap.

The following features are also available:    

・Enhanced air365 Max heating operation. Ambient temperature of the available heating operation changed to -25℃ from -20℃ with a new type of heat exchanger. air365 Max is suggested to semi-cold regions and will be introduced to cold regions as well.    
・Mitigated local piping restriction. Simplified formula of additional refrigerant charge. Easily installable without the inconvenience of piping restrictions.    
・The Cooling Only Model will also be provided to South East Asia, the Middle East, and other countries/regions.



*1 EER5.60 is applicable for the following models:
RAS-080HNCBLW        for SEA market
RAS-080RNCCLW        for LA market(380V)
RAS-080RNCCRW       for LA market(220V)

*2  Comparison of (for a system equivalent to 16HP class (45.0kW)) Between [RAS-FSNS previous model VRF of 5years ago] VS [air365 Max RAS-HNCC**]
Simulation Condition:
16HP class ODU (45.0kW) *1unit, 3HP class IDU (8.0kW) * 5units, Total piping length; 120m, IDU connection ratio: 94%



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