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Renewal Models of “FLEXMULTI-R” Have Been Developed

— Improvement of energy-saving performance and reduction of installation area —

  • Feb. 20, 2018
  • Commercial Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
  • Japan
February 20, 2018
Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.


[Products for Japanese market only]
Only for reference. This press release is for Japan market only.

“FLEXMULTI-R” multi-split air conditioning system for buildings (RAS-AP400SGR)

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. (CEO: Franz Cerwinka) has developed “renewal models(*1) of ‘FLEXMULTI-R’ multi-split air conditioning system for buildings” that can reuse existing pipes, SGR series and SSR series, and will start their production in June 2018.

The renewal models improved APF2015 (Annual Performance Factor)(*2) and reduced installation area compared to past models. Like the past models, pipe cleaning work of existing pipes is unnecessary(*3) due to internal renewal filter that removes water and oxide inside existing pipes, and process of replacing work is shortened.

(*1) Dedicated outdoor unit for reusing existing pipes upon replacing only outdoor unit and indoor unit when renewing from existing systems
(*2) APF is based on JIS B 8616:2015
(*3) Refrigerant recovery operation using existing unit needs to be possible

■Background of development

There have been many needs for the renewal model which can reuse existing pipes, as an option that enables air conditioner replacing work period to be shortened and cost to be reduced since past models, in addition, energy-saving performance and installation flexibility are also being desired. In order to respond to the customers’ demands, new products that improve energy-saving performance and reduce installation area were developed.

■Features of new products

The developed “renewal ‘FLEXMULTI-R’” has 2 series: highly efficient SGR series and compact SSR series.

The 2 series are successors to conventional DGR series and DSR series, but they were developed based on “FLEXMULTI-R heating-cooling changeover” SG series and SS series released in 2016. Diversifying demands of customers are answered by proposing SGR series to customers who desire higher efficiency and SSR series to customers who desire smaller unit.

1.Improvement of energy-saving performance

SGR series type 400(*4), a representative model of the new products, adopted 2-fan structure which was also adopted in the SG series, that improves efficiency during low load operation , and Σ-shape heat exchanger which brings out effect of the 2-fan structure to the fullest extent. Due to adoption of long bell mouth with multistage expansion structure, fan input is drastically reduced by not only controlling leak but also dispersing wind into small whirls and making the flow smooth.

By mounting a new compressor which newly adopts gas injection cycle(*5), energy-saving performance is improved for the new products. Due to such technologies, SGR series type 400 achieved APF2015 (Annual Performance Factor) of 6.1(*6) which is top class in the industry.

2.Installation area reduced by approximately 44% (SGR series type 400)

With the SGR series, capacity per single unit was enlarged. This created single outdoor unit(*7) and reduced the number of combined units of the outdoor unit. Not only can installation area be reduced but also installation process can be shortened. The SGR series type 400 which adopted large-capacity compressor reduced installation area by approximately 44% compared to past DGR series type 400(*8).

The SSR series is even more compact than the SGR series. This enables installation in even smaller space.



  • (*4) New FLEXMULTI-R renewal SGR series type 400 outdoor unit type RAS-AP400SGR
  • (*5) Electricity consumption is reduced by restoring motive power of compressor with capacity improved by gas injection
  • (*6) As of February 14, 2018. Combination with “4-way Ceiling Cassette” in a multi-split air conditioning system for buildings
  • (*7) With new FLEXMULTI-R renewal SGR series type 400-500. Outdoor unit type RAS-AP400SGR, RAS-AP450SGR, RAS-AP500SGR
  • (*8) Current FLEXMULTI-R renewal DGR series type 400 outdoor unit type RAS-AP400DGR3

■Type name and start of production

The lineup of the current DGR series consists of type 140-1000 for a total of 17 models(*9). 3 models, type 1060, 1120 and 1180, are added to the SGR series for a total of 20 models(*10), and said series responds to various needs for air conditioning load.

  Type name
(equivalent horsepower / number of models)
Start of production
Heating-cooling changeover renewal SGR series
Type 140-1180 (5-42 equivalent horsepower / 20 models) June 2018 (scheduled)
Heating-cooling changeover renewal SSR series
Type 224-1180 (8-42 equivalent horsepower / 18 models)

(*9)  Current “FLEXMULTI-R renewal” DGR series outdoor unit type RAS-AP140DGR3~RAS-AP1000DGR3
(*10) New “FLEXMULTI-R renewal” SGR series outdoor unit type RAS-AP140SGR~RAS-AP1180SGR

■Specifications of new products

1.Specifications of “‘FLEXMULTI-R’ renewal SGR series”

Type name 
(equivalent horsepower)
Type of outdoor unit Cooling capacity 
Heating capacity 
External dimensions of outdoor unit 
Width Length Height
Type 140 (5) RAS-AP140SGR 14.0 16.0 950 765 1,675
Type 160 (6) RAS-AP160SGR 16.0 18.0
Type 224 (8)) RAS-AP224SGR 22.4 25.0
Type 280 (10) RAS-AP280SGR 28.0 31.5 1,210
Type 335 (12) RAS-AP335SGR 33.5 37.5
Type 400 (14) RAS-AP400SGR 40.0 45.0
Type 450 (16) RAS-AP450SGR 45.0 50.0 1,600
Type 500 (18) RAS-AP500SGR 50.0 56.0

Note) Indicates single unit


2.Specifications of “‘FLEXMULTI-R’ renewal SSR series”

Model name
(equivalent horsepower)
Model of outdoor unit Cooling capacity
Heating capacity
External dimensions of outdoor unit
Width Length Height
Type 224 (8) RAS-AP224SSR 22.4 25.0 950 765 1,675
Type 280 (10) RAS-AP280SSR 28.0 31.5
Type 335 (12) RAS-AP335SSR 33.5 37.5
Type 400 (14) RAS-AP400SSR 40.0 45.0 1,210
Type 450 (16) RAS-AP450SSR 45.0 50.0
Type 500 (18) RAS-AP500SSR 50.0 56.0
Type 560 (20) RAS-AP560SSR 56.0 63.0 1,600
Type 615 (22) RAS-AP615SSR 61.5 69.0
Type 670 (24) RAS-AP670SSR 67.0 77.5

Note) Indicates single unit

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