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JCH to introduce Hitachi room air conditioning system “Stainless Clean Shirokuma-kun” X Series

Featuring “Kurashi Camera AI” monitoring each person in room for first in industry

  • Sep. 06, 2016
  • Residential Air Conditioning
  • Japan
September 6, 2016
Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning


[Products for Japanese market only]
Only for reference. This press release is for Japan market only.


Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning (CEO: Franz Cerwinka) will release eleven models of the “Stainless Clean Shirokuma-kun” X series at the end of October, which deliver comfortable air conditioning and energy-saving*3 operation by monitoring each person in the room. It features “Kurashi Camera AI,” which, for the first time in the industry, recognizes persons in the room and predicts changes in “feels-like” temperature based on time spent in the room.
Kurashi Camera AI recognizes and monitors each person in the room, measures time each person spends in the room, and predicts changes in the “feels-like” temperature. By combining this with the conventional technology to control the air flow (Kiryu no Torimichi)*4, it controls temperature before a person feels uncomfortably “hot” or “cold” because of changes in time spent in the room. This air conditioning mode that maintains comfort while attaining energy-saving operation can be activated by simply pressing the “eco Korekkiri” button.
“Karatto Joshitsu” that dehumidifies a room without cooling down temperature(*5)⇒The conventional “Karatto Joshitsu” dehumidification technology now features a “humidity camera” that measures humidity distribution in the room and dehumidifies highly humid areas in a prioritized manner.
With “laundry dehumidification (Karatto Heyaboshi),” it recognizes laundry in the room and sends air intensively for dehumidification to help clothes dry quickly.With “Kabi Mihari Joshitsu” mode, it monitors temperature and humidity distribution in the room and sends air intensively to a highly humid area where mold is likely to grow. The heater features improved “speed heating” function, newly equipped with automatic operation. When it is turned on, it blows warm air to the direction of persons in the room to heat around their feet, and then warms the entire room after the air around the persons warms up.

(*1) Based on JCH’s research. Scheduled to be released at the end of October, 2016. Among home air conditioning systems released in Japan. Technology that recognizes a person and identifies time spent in the room. It does not “recognize” gender and age of a person.
(*2) AI stands for artificial intelligence. Here, AI is a function to recognize a person in the room and predict changes in “feels-like” temperature based on time spent in the room. It does not “recognize” gender and age of a person. “Feels-like” temperature quantifies temperature perceived by a person. Using the Standard Effective Temperature (SET*) adopted by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) as a reference, “feels-like” temperature is calculated based on Hitachi’s own conditions.
(*3) JCH’s research. With RAS-X40G2. Evaluated based on JCH’s own conditions. See (1) in P.3 for details.
(*4) It detects positions and shapes of furniture in the room, finds “passage for air flow” and delivers heated and cooled air.
(*5) A reheat method that does not cool down room temperature specified by “The Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association”. With RAS-X40G2. See (5) in P.4 for details.


■ Main features of the new product [Room air conditioning system “Stainless Clean Shirokuma-kun” X series]

1. “Kurashi Camera AI” recognizes and monitors each person in the room for comfortable air conditioning and energy-saving operation
2. “Karatto Joshitsu” now features “humidity camera” for enhanced dehumidification capability (excluding 9.0kW class)
3.Advanced “speed heating” quickly warms both persons and room


■ Models and availability

Cooling capacity
Power supply
Suggested retail price
Release date plan
Initial monthly production
RAS-X22G 2.2 kW Single-phase
Open price The end of October 30,000 units
RAS-X25G 2.5 kW
RAS-X28G 2.8 kW
RAS-X36G 3.6 kW
RAS-X36G2 3.6 kW Single-phase 200V
RAS-X40G2 4.0 kW
RAS-X56G2 5.6 kW
RAS-X63G2 6.3 kW
RAS-X71G2 7.1 kW
RAS-X80G2 8.0 kW
RAS-X90G2 9.0 kW


■ Demand and background of development
Demand for room air conditioning systems in FY2016 is expected to remain unchanged at about 8.2 million units (100% compared to previous year). (JCH’s research)
According to JCH’s survey, people often feel uncomfortably “hot” or “cold” when they spend a long period of time in an air-conditioned room. Many people also mentioned a concern about humidity and mold in the room. In addition to these needs, there is often more than one person in a living room that is air-conditioned for many hours throughout the year. JCH paid attention to the fact that they spend different amounts of time in the room and that “feels-like” temperature varies.
The new products are equipped with “Kurashi Camera AI,” which recognizes and monitors persons in the room and adjusts air conditioning before they feel uncomfortable, attaining both comfort and energy-saving operation, as well as the evolved “Karatto Joshitsu” for dehumidifying highly humid areas in a prioritized manner.


■ Customer inquiries
Customer Support Center: Tel 0120-3121-11 (Toll-free. Also available from cellular phones, PHS)
Open: 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (Mon – Sat), 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Sun, holidays)
[Except for year-end and New Year holidays]


■ Room air conditioning system website


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